Tom understands the impact of education on the economy. The son of a school teacher, Tom understands the need to ensure that our students are learning in ways that provide them the skills they need to succeed in today’s global economy. He’s passed laws that reduce the burden of paperwork for teachers, and will lead the charge in 2014 to give teachers a pay increase.


Tom is a job creator. His top priority is growing our economy, and creating an environment so businesses can create more jobs. Every day, Tom fights for new ways to improve our economy. As Chairman of the NC House Commerce and Job Development Committee, Tom has led the effort to reform the way our state recruits businesses and industries, and streamlined the North Carolina Commerce Department. He also helped pass laws that reduce regulations on businesses, so they can succeed in today’s tough economy. Tom’s leadership has helped make it easy for job creators to succeed. The result: Thousands of new jobs, and lower unemployment.


As the only pharmacist in the General Assembly, Tom is uniquely positioned to look for new solutions to improve patient care. He understands how changes in healthcare laws and policies---like Obamacare--- impact our citizens and businesses. That’s why he was recently appointed to the Joint Legislative Study Committee on the Affordable Care Act. Since its rollout in early October, premiums have increased dramatically and policies have been cancelled. Tom will work hard to learn the full impacts on our state and our citizens.


Tom is leading the way when it comes to helping citizens keep more of their tax dollars, and cutting wasteful spending. When Tom was first elected, our state’s spending and tax rates were spiraling out of control, unemployment was high and businesses were not able to compete. Since Tom has served in the legislature, he has worked tirelessly to reduce the wasteful spending under previous legislatures, paying the way for a leaner and more efficient government. He also voted for the Tax Reform Act of 2014 which helped reduce the corporate and personal income tax rates so that businesses can create jobs, and citizens can keep more of their hard earned tax dollars. As a result, North Carolina is now more competitive as businesses look to relocate to our state.